Fairy Tales on the Radio this Friday

Hello fairy-tale enthusiasts!

Just a quick heads up for you this afternoon.

ABC Radio National has decided to do a program about fairy tales this Friday the 20th of December. (Yes, I have the inside scoop!)

Apparently, renowned fairy-tale scholar Jack Zipes will be speaking. If you’re not familiar with Zipes’ work, he’s written extensively on the fairy-tale genre and has shaped the way in which many scholars think about fairy tales (his profile can be viewed here).



Jack Zipes (source)


Fairy-tale discussions on Australian radio are few and far between so I thought I’d flag this one for you all. I’ve been told it will be included in the regular segment Life Matters, which runs from 9am to 10am. Do tune in if you’re interested!

Have a magical afternoon,

Belinda Calderone


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