A Sweeping Tale



Well, it seems that Australian fairy tale authors are on fire at the moment!

Melbourne-based illustrator Kate Churchward has just written, illustrated and published an ebook based around the renowned tale “Cinderella.”

I’ve posted about it here on The Australian Fairy Tale Society website.


Happy reading!

Belinda Calderone
The Monash Fairy Tale Salon




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2 responses to “A Sweeping Tale

  1. InkGypsy

    Hey Belinda,

    Wondering if you’d be OK with me posting your AFTS i total on OUABlog, or if you’d rather I didn’t? I’d like to help spread the word/raise awareness of all the fairy tale action in Oz! Anytime I repost any news from AFTS I’ll use the logo and link to the site (or Facebook, if that would be better for you).

    Congrats on taking over the blog & social media for AFTS. Anytime you want to use OUABlog to post things, just let me know. I want to support AFTS as much as possible.

    Best, G

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