And they all lived happily ever after…


I’m afraid the time has finally come… the closing of the Monash Fairy Tale Salon. Very sad, we know!

The Salon was founded in 2009 by Dr Rebecca-Anne Do Rozario and Wiebke Eikholt. For the majority of its time, the Salon was co-run by Dr Rebecca-Anne Do Rozario, Dr Belinda Calderone, and Catherine Snell. But now, all organisers are no longer affiliated with Monash University – so we must bid you adieu!

All we can say is that it’s been a magical eight years of meetings at Monash University, Clayton, and we will never forget the three community events we ran during our time. Thank you to all who participated in the Salon and those who attended our community events. A special thank you goes to the Glen Eira¬†Council, who hosted several of our events at their lovely Glen Eira Town Hall.

Where to now? Well, many of the Salon members can still be found having lots of fascinating fairy tale discussions at the Australian Fairy Tale Society. We hope you will pay them a visit!

Farewell and enchanted regards xo



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2 responses to “And they all lived happily ever after…

  1. Danielle Wood

    A mouse did run; my story now is done.
    Thanks, folks, for all your superb work.

  2. Cristina Bacchilega

    thank you indeed

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